December 16, 2013

Working on a new web project

Ok, so I started working on a web project for a friend of mine.
I want to work with some new stuff so I decided to implement this application with some neat new technologies (well new for me anyway).

All the while I have been dabbling with some stuff during the years now and I came up with a basic installation to get my workflow ready.
For this I am making use of a script that I execute to setup my projects environment:

This installs an isolated python environment and an isolated node.js environment for webdevelopment.
The script will also offer the option to work either with a Yeoman workflow or a Brunch based workflow.

When I start my work I just use another script that will launch my work environment in correct settings.
For that I make use of tmux a screen multiplexer that enters in the activated virtualenv:

I've decided to build this all with Angularjs in the frontend and flask or django on the backend. The backend I will decide later on.
For the workflow I will use Brunch because it is a fairly basic webapplication and the speed of usage in a Brunch workflow outweighs the flexibility/complexity of the Yeomand/Grunt  configuration.
I made a skeleton to work with coffeescript and Angularjs and made that available on github.

I will provide details of my progress.

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