October 14, 2011

VLC and AirportExpress

At work we got our hands on an Airport Express. So the first thing of course is "MUSIC".
Well we do have some people here that want to use iTunes. But for personal reasons I don't like iTunes.
So I normally use VLC like any sane person would do :) But while all of my co-workers were laughing at me cuz i couldn't join with the music streaming.
Not taken aback I was strolling the internet to find if there was a solution of streaming to Airport. There was a program called Airfoil but hey I'm dutch so i really don't want to pay for programs unless necessary. At the VLC forums i stumbled on a post by crzyhanko and he posted some great code you can put in the standard streamchain field of the VLC player:
#transcode{acodec=alac,channels=2,samplerate=44100}:raop{host=<ip address of airport express>,volume=175}
It works :D so who is laughing now