April 8, 2008

Google app engine

On april 7 google released the google app engine.
This is great news.

An application environment that can host with the scalability of google itself.
And whats even better currently the engine is implemented in python.

Python is a dynamic language a la ruby. And created by a Dutchman ;-)
It's fully object-oriented. and it is fun to work with.
here is a video on how to develop with the google app engine

As you can see the development process is way faster than the development process of lets say Java.

Here is a video of the introduction of app:

I already have an account and will experiment with in the near future.
BTW This is a real cool way to start working with Django

February 19, 2008

Getting Things Done

Today I went to attend a course in task management or better yet on how to order the way to handle input.
The mechanism that was offered on how to manage the information input, was by using the system Getting Things Done by David Allen (GTD). All in all a very practical way.
The course offered a few steps to follow, to get to a realistic task management system in order.

I attended this course by advice from a colleague of mine so I didn't really know what to expect (I can often follow his advice blindly). But during the morning I found out that most of the things I learned how to use, I already had noticed somewhere else reading the site Lifehacker.com
and the book by the same name and some of these things I already used but not in a way most practical.

The promise they made is: when you practice their methods in ordering your electronic and conventional input like they suggested you will get a clear head free from nagging voices from your subconscious.

There was also demo of a tool they used in their documentation writing or email writing and adding items to your outlook or opening websites called fingertips http://www.getfingertips.com/
This tool makes use of something that java developers using Intellij may know as live templates and eclipse users may know as templates the difference is that this tool can be used within every windows application.

I'll keep you posted on my experiences